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Basic 10% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Rare 20% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Epic 25% Total Headshot Damage reduction
Legendary 25% Total Headshot Damage reduction.

Reduces Tactical and Ultimate Ability cooldowns.
Body Shield

Body Shield

Basic Absorbs 50 Damage
Rare Absorbs 75 Damage
Epic Absorbs 100 Damage
Legendary 6 Extra inventory slots.

Healing and Shielding consumables take half the time to use.
Evo Shield

Evo Shield

Basic Absorbs 25 Damage, +75 to evolve
Rare Absorbs 50 Damage, +150 to evolve
Epic Absorbs 100 Damage, +400 to evolve
Heirloom Absorbs 125 Damage
Knockdown Shield

Knockdown Shield

Basic Blocks 200 Damage
Rare Blocks 450 Damage
Epic Blocks 750 Damage
Legendary Blocks 750 Damage.

Self-Resurrect when downed (1 time use).

Self-revive takes 12 seconds to use.


Basic 2 Extra Inventory Slots
Rare 4 Extra Inventory Slots
Epic 6 Extra Inventory Slots
Legendary Revive downed teammates with bonus health and shields (if they have armor).